American scholar says MCC and IPS are closely connected

Dr Zhiqun Zhu, a Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the Bucknell University, is an American academic who is considered an authority when it comes to examining China’s foreign policy and its interactions with rest of the world. The author of many scholarly books on world politics believes “MCC and IPS are closely connected” and fears that should India and China not learn to work hand in globe then the “Asian Century” may well remain a mere idea.

Why not?

By Dr Sarobar Upadhyaya, Kathmandu 20 July 2020 It was somewhere around 2009/10, when I was still an undergraduate medical student. I was skimming through my tailored news feed during…

India’s internecine fronts

A tempest is brewing for India. While the entire world is reeling from the most intractable crisis in recent human history, India’s other woes are mounting. A toxic mix of misfortune, vengeful external interests and its hegemonic hubris coupled with strategic myopia is proving to be a combustible recipe. As a result, India today fights on multiple fronts.  

War or peacetime, it’s Gurkhas England could always trust

England has always trusted these fierce fighters for all kinds of perilous missions but recently Gurkhas stationed in Nepal were deployed for a different kind of job altogether. This time they battled against time to rescue over a hundred British travellers stranded in various parts of the mountainous nation so that they could be in Kathmandu on time to catch rescue flights back home.