American scholar says MCC and IPS are closely connected

Dr Zhiqun Zhu, a Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the Bucknell University, is an American academic who is considered an authority when it comes to examining China’s foreign policy and its interactions with rest of the world. The author of many scholarly books on world politics believes “MCC and IPS are closely connected” and fears that should India and China not learn to work hand in globe then the “Asian Century” may well remain a mere idea.

What Nepal’s policymakers and government must consider

In a fast-changing world, we must learn and adapt to the changes taking place around us so that we can survive and sustain in the face of the unknown. This is somewhat like the popular phrase, “survival of the fittest,” derived from the Darwin’s theory of evolution that describes the mechanism of natural selection. According to the theory, the survival and continuity of life are determined by its capabilities to compete, adapt, and grow. Life itself is a process of continuous learning. It is therefore important for humankind to constantly expand knowledge and skillsets in response to the ever-changing world.