We are a digital media organisation based in Australia. The news portal, southasia.com.au, was envisaged to celebrate Australia and its pluralistic, multicultural society vis-a-vis the entire South Asian diaspora that call this continent home. We endeavour to cast the spotlight on these communities and thereby, give them a voice.

We are focused on all South Asians – events and issues concerning them and their success stories – here in Australia. As southasia.com.au is an Australian community news website, it will also naturally cover Australia and Australians in general.

It is run by people who practiced professional journalism before they emigrated to Australia. As such, we seek to champion diasporic journalism at its best.

Events and issues around human rights and democracy back in South Asia will also fall under our news agenda. We are interested in issues related to anti-corruption, development, child-rights and women’s empowerment. We work with a wide network of fellow-journalists in the region.

We are committed to freedom of expression and speech of all Australians, including that of South Asians living in the country. We shall practice journalism by remaining within the limits of Australian media laws and policies so that we contribute to maintaining social harmony in this great nation.

We are equally committed to the ethics of journalism just as any media outlet should be.

We shall promptly publish correction if we realise or are made to realise that we have made an error in relation to presenting facts and figures in our news articles. Please contact [email protected] should you have any grievances in this regard.

Any published articles with by-lines are opinions and expressions of the concerned writer and he or she is solely responsible for the same.

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