Narayanhiti massacre: ex-king Gyanendra Shah longs for an answer

1 June 2020 I Former king Gyanendra Shah has taken to Twitter to share his heartache as he pays tribute to his slain brother King Birendra and his entire family who were massacred on 1 June 2001.

Just as any other Nepalese men and women want to, the former monarch too is looking for answers on the horrific execution of the royal family, he indicated.

“There are so many unanswered questions in my mind for such a long time,” he wrote in Nepali langauge indicating he too wants to know who killed King Birendra and his family on that fateful night.

The statement from the former king indicates he does not buy the official report according to which it was Crown Prince Dipendra who killed the entire family and guests before he turned the gun on himself.

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