“Rotten potatoes” : footage shows horrible treatment of Nepalese migrant workers in Kuwait

15 May 2020 I An unsettling video purporting to show horrible treatment of Nepalese migrant workers by Kuwaiti police and authorities has gone viral overnight attracting thousands of emotional outbursts and reactions.

Dozens of distraught women are seen in the footage, visibly shaken by the alleged mistreatment of Kuwaiti authorities and emotionally broken down.

At least one woman complains of being physically abused by Kuwaiti police.

Another showed uneaten rice and sauce in multiple containers that she claimed was cooked days earlier and was slippery to the touch. They said Kuwaitis are offering them food regularly but only after they hurl abuses at them, calling them degrading names.


The women in the footage were unanimous when asked if anyone from the local Nepalese embassy had made contact with them as they languished in the hall – by answering “no”.

They claimed embassy did not even receive calls.

The video, posted by a Nepali-language news website, features dozens of women urging their government to bring them home before they “die within a week” if they continued living in the “hall” they are currently held at.

They are blaming the Nepalese government and politicians, who they say remember them only when they need votes to win elections, of abandoning them in a distant land.

The women were dumped in that hall some “fourteen days” ago, southasia.com.au understands from the footage. “We were given hope that we would be taken back to Nepal,” an unidentified woman wailed. She said now they were neither being flown to Nepal nor were being allowed back into their workplaces.

“If we have to die, we will die in our own country,” someone says amid the confusion and commotion of the video.

Nepalese government, whether due to lack of resources or policy intentions, has so far ignored pleas of its citizens caught up in corona-crisis.

Two flights of Nepal Airlines have landed in Australia in the past few months. Stranded Nepalese people pleaded with the government to be put on those RA flights through NRNA Australia and brought home but all pleas fell on deaf ears of Kathmandu.

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