Victorian govt to pay up to $1,100 for vulnerable international students, applications to open soon

29 April 2019 I If you are an international student enrolled at Victorian universities, TAFEs, private vocational education and training providers or even English language colleges then you would soon be eligible for up to $1,100 relief payment.

You will be required to demonstrate you have lost your wage and work due to COVID-19 pandemic in order to access these one off payments.

Applications to access these relief funds are not yet open but are soon expected to be available online. However, students can already express visit Study Melbourne website to express their interest.

Martin Pakula, Victoria’s Minister for Jobs, Innovation and Trade I Photo: Facebook

According to a Victorian government press release issued earlier today, as many as 40,000 international students will be eligible for the $1,100 hand out.

Victoria’s Minister for Jobs Martin Pakula says international students have given so much to the state that now it is only fair for the Victorian government to give back to these young men and women many of whom have fallen through the cracks of the Federal government’s support programmes.

“This virus doesn’t discriminate and neither do we – we are in this together and we will get through it together,” Mr Pakula said in the statement.

The state’s Minister for Education James Merlino has spoken highly of the commitment of international students, “It’s important that we back the people who have made such a strong commitment to our state, and we will make sure that our education providers can emerge from the other side of this crisis in a position to quickly rebuild.”

Minister for Training and Skills and Higher Education Gayle Tierney has also vowed continued support for international students, “We’ll continue to work closely with the sector to give international students the support they need so they can continue to focus on their studies.”

The $1100 relief payment is not the only reward the Victorian government is handing out to international students in the state.


According to the Victorian government, over 150,000 international students currently living in the state are also eligible for rent relief programme, including subsidies of up to $2,000 and those legally allowed to work in Victoria are eligible for the Working for Victoria initiative which helps people who have lost their jobs to find new employment.

International education generated $12.6 billion for Victoria during the last financial year, not to mention a whole range of economic activities their arrival would have entailed as well as enriching the state’s multicultural fabric. These students coming from China, India, Nepal, Malaysia and Vietnam created some 79,000 jobs in Victoria, the government says.

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