Haters and mockers! Britain would “love” Bhim Niroula “everydaaay”!

Bhim Niroula
Judges humm Bhim Niroula’s “I love you everyday” after he has left the stage, of course with the exception of Simon Cowell the red buzzer man I Photo : Screenshot, BGT

26 April 2020 I Bhim Niroula’s talent as a singer may be questionable to some pedantic music lovers but England has chosen to “love” him anyway with the Nepalese-origin Readng man making it to the next round of Britain’s Got Talent 2020.

As soon as the 54-year-old began performing yesterday, he got the judges serenading each other with his now famous chorus “I wanna love you everyday”.

Only moments earlier, they did not know what to expect as the judges began their usual warm-up questions feeling what depth the fish came from:

Amanda: What’s your name?

Bhim : Bhim Niroula!

Amanda : Lovely to meet you Bhim. Where are you from?

Bhim : I am from Reading. (judge David Walliams cheers to that; audience also reacts) Thank you very much!

Amanda : What is it you are doing today?

Bhim : It’s a love song. I have written it for my partner. She is in the audience! (Audience and Judges: Awwwwwwe!)

Amanda : Where is she? (Camera turns to the audience to locate Mrs Niroula. The lucky wife beams, waves excitedly, smiles cheek to cheek!)

Amanda : There she is! She looks very proud of you!

Bhim : Yes, she is very proud of me!

Amanda : What’s the name of the song?

Bhim : Sunday morning love you!

Simon : Do you think you can win the whole song?

Bhim : I think I can win. For me it’s the … my dream come true!

Simon : That’s all I care about!

Well, as the audience would soon find out, Simon Cowell could not care less for Mr Niroula’s delivery of the Nepali-sounding English lyrics! He was left appalled by the “love you” performance.

He hit the red buzzer in just few seconds of the father of two unleashing his vocal chords. But rest of the judges loved it, as well as the audience. Initially, they sang along for the fun of it but as Mr Niroula kept singing with the confidence of a professional rock star, they actually seemed to enjoy his performance for what it was.

Mrs Niroula smiles after being called out by the judges and her husband I Photo : Screenshot, BGT

For those who are new to the “art” of Mr Niroula should know that he did not compose the “Sunday Morning Love You” just yesterday. The song is in fact a YouTube sensation of sort – if 6 million plus hits qualifies the expression.

Alesha Dixon, one of the judges singing along, dancing and rooting for Mr Niroula, confessed, “I actually thought the melody was sweet. It was lovely!”

Junaid Farooq, commenting on the song posted on YouTube in 2013, writes, “This song helped me get through a tough time in my life.”

Bhim Niroula had no inkling who the famous “Ant and Dec” of BGT were I Photo : Screenshot, YouTube, BGT

Well, Mr Farooq’s comment itself attracted over 1600 likes. That, plus hundreds and hundreds of other comments in support of Mr Niroula clearly tells something about his music.

“You know what? It does not matter if Simon says yes or no! You got three yeses. The audience love you! You are through. Well done Bhim!” – judge Alesha Dixon announced to the utter frustration of Simon Cowell.

On that note, Britain better be prepared for more antics of love by the indomitable Bhim Niroula as he makes into the next round of BGT 2020.

His critics must give him one thing : the man’s got the confidence and perseverance of a winner!

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