Police in Sydney continue to investigate road accident death of Nepalese man

23 April 2020 I Police in Sydney continue to investigate the death of a Nepalese man killed after being hit by a car driven by another Nepalese-origin man. The man in his early 30s was on a morning walk when he was involved in the accident a little after 5 am yesterday morning.

A spokesperson for NSW Police told southaisa.com.au that no charges have been laid but the investigation remains ongoing. The driver of the car was taken to hospital for a mandatory testing but has since been released, it is understood.

Bishnu Khatri, who has been living in the Edmondson Park-Bardia area since 2014, said the victim’s friends and relatives told him that the deceased and the driver of the car most likely didn’t know each other.

Citing an eyewitness who was on the morning fateful walk with the deceased, Mr Khatri revealed that the driver of the car was quick to turn around, stop and render assistance to the victim.

The witness, who Mr Khatri said was still distressed when he spoke with him Wednesday afternoon, told the community leader that the driver of the vehicle appeared to realise instantly that he had hit a fellow-Nepalese man. He apparently asked, “Are you Nepalese?”, before he began assisting the victim.


NRNA Australia’s spokesperson Nanda Gurung called the accident “a tragedy that is hard to comprehend”. “Given the driver is also from our community, it’s a double whammy for our community. We just have to be careful on the road driving or walking,” Mr Gurung urged.

The witness, who was walking “parallel” to the victim on Croatia Avenue in Edmondson Park when the accident occurred, is visiting the country. “He is not a relative of the deceased. He is the father of a neighbour (of the victim) who is visiting the country,” Mr Khatri clarified.

The deceased has been described as a “thorough gentleman” who was easy-going and friendly. He was rostered to work today at a Sydney restaurant. According to Bishnu Khatri, his shifts had been affected by the COVID-19 lockdown which meant he was receiving shifts only alternative days. “He was not working yesterday and that’s why he went on the morning walk. He was supposed to work today,” said the former captain in the Nepalese Army who lives in the area and runs the Himalayan Driving School .

The eyewitness, distraught to see the condition of the accident victim after he was hit by the car, ran home to  inform his family. “By the time, he was back to the Croatia Avenue, paramedics and police were already there trying to save his life,” Mr Khatri said, citing the eyewitness.

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