Ex-king Gyanendra Shah hands promised cheque to Nepalese PM’s corona fund

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Senior staff members of Himani Trust hand over ex-king’s cheque to the secretary of the PM’s office I Photo: Himani Trust

12 April 2020 I Associates of former Nepal king Gyanendra Shah have handed over a cheque of NRs 20 million to the secretary of the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers.

The money is the former monarch’s personal contribution towards Nepalese PM’s Corona Virus Control and Treatment Fund.

When he had promised the fund early last week, the amount converted to some 270,000 Australian dollars.

Senior staff members of the Himani Trust, a charitable organisation named after the former crown princess Himani Shah, handed over the cheque in Kathmandu earlier today.

In its press statement, the Himani Trust urged the government to spend the funds diligently and for the right cause. The Trust expressed concern at the hardships facing the ordinary Nepalese people as they grapple with the anxiety created by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as struggling with fending for their daily necessities. The country continues to remain under a strict lockdown regime. Himani Trust also expressed concern for the welfare of hundreds of thousands of Nepalese citizens living in distant lands. It has further promised that the NRs 20 million is not the end of its assistance to the Nepalese people.

The pandemic posed a serious threat to the entire human civilisation and development, ex-King Gyanendra Shah said last week as he announced his contribution to his nation’s fight against COVID-19. He urged his fellow citizens to follow the strict guidelines of the lockdown, stressing that no one should have an excuse for being “irresponsible” in that regard.

The ex-king, dethroned in 2008 after the mountain nation formally became a federal republic following promulgation of a freshly-drafted constitution, also expressed his appreciation for the relentless hard work of doctors, nurses and other health professionals as well as that of the security forces he once commanded.

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