Judges say Dibesh Pokharel is “one of the most unique contestants” of American Idol-

6 April 2020 I Most of his fans in Nepal and around the world felt it in their hearts right from the moment he dream-walked onto the famed stage back in February. But now, now it’s official – Arthur Gunn is “one of the most unique contestants” of the season.

Born Dibesh Pokharel, the young Nepalese singer-songwriter is one of the few contestants who bring instant smiles to the three judges of the 18th episode of the American Idol – Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan.

As he took on Bob Marley & The Wailers’s “Is This Love”, both audience and the judges could not take their eyes off Arthur’s mystical performance.

“Arthur, you are probably one of our most unique contestants!” said a beaming Lionel Richie attracting a big “Wow” from Mr Pokharel. “Because, when you walked in (during the audition), we didn’t quite know what to expect. …And then you opened your mouth and then you had instant identity!”


The moment he opened his mouth at the Hawai Showcase to thank his family for their presence, Katy Perry exclaimed, “He is pure! He is so pure!”

Ever since he auditioned for the show, all three judges have showed their unreserved appreciation of the Wichita-based Nepalese singer-songwriter. The trio appear to be in love with his humility and affectionate nature – a reflection of the country he comes from.

“I want to encourage…all the youth around the world…like, to go for it,” he told mentor Bobby Bones who wondered how vulnerable he must have felt coming from all the way from Nepal and trying his luck at American stardom.

Katie Perry did not forget to remind the 21-year-old to “keep your eyes open” reminding him that the judges “went on a journey” with him the moment he opened his eyes during the Hawai performance yesterday.

Mr Richie paid the biggest compliment so far to Arthur’s singing prowess when he said Arthur Gunn was the “easiest decision” to make when it came to choosing the Top 20 of this year’s American Idol aspirants.

Arthur Gunn said he did not expect to make this far in the competition and that he was still trying to “grasp” his success so far in that journey.

Mr Pokharel told the mentor that he had hard time performing “in front of a lot of people”. “It’s kind of a very new thing for me,” he said.

Back in February, at the audition, Katy Perry had asked the Nepalese singer what his name meant. When he explained that “Dibesh” meant “light”, Ms Perry jokingly said that he probably was the “Di Best”. He is proving as much as he becomes the first Nepalese to have ever gone that far in one of the world’s most viewed reality show.

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