Gyanendra Shah donates like a “king” as he parts with some $270,000

1 April 2020 I While politicians who drove him out of Narayanhiti Palace continue to annoy people with their scandalous antics that debut in the local media at regular intervals, former Nepal King Gyanendra Shah shows solidarity and compassion for his fellow countrymen and women by donating 20 million rupees to Nepalese government’s coronavirus fund.

In a statement yesterday, the former monarch said the approximately A$270,000 will be made available through Himani Trust, a philanthropic organisation founded by the former royals.

Stating that the pandemic has posed a serious threat to human civilisation and development, he called on all to be sensitive towards the efforts being made to fight the pandemic. He said it was important that everyone contributed in whichever way or capacity they could.

There was no alternative to strictly following the principles of “lockdown”, Mr Shah said, warning no one should have any excuse for being irresponsible in that regard.

The ex-king, dethroned in 2008 after the mountain nation formally became a federal republic following promulgation of a new constitution, also expressed his appreciation for the relentless hard work of doctors, nurses and other health professionals as well as that of the security forces he once commanded.

The former king thanked his fellow citizens for their continued fight against coronavirus despite the crippling scarcity of daily necessities and mounting challenges. He also thanked the media for keeping people informed in a timely manner.

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