Don’t drive to airport to pick up your loved ones from midnight tomorrow

27 March 2020 I The Federal government has come up with much tougher quarantine rules amid concerns not all international arrivals may have been following the mandatory 14 day self-isolation requirement.

Come 11:59 pm tomorrow, every Australian citizen or permanent resident arriving back in the country will have to work with the authorities as they are driven to pre-determined quarantine facilities.

They will then be taken to designated and supervised quarantine zones where the fresh arrivals will be forced into quarantine for 14 days.

After midnight tomorrow, no family members will be allowed to touch or interact with their loved ones arriving in Australia.

“Once this restriction is implemented, family and friends of arriving international passengers should not attempt to greet them or pick them up,” Australian Border Force statement said today, “Passengers will not be allowed to interact with any members of the community.

The new measures are aimed at reducing community transmission of COVID-19.

The facilities where the international arrivals will be forced to undertake the self-quarantine will be determined by each state and territory and may well be hotels, ABF said in its statement.

“Despite the reduced number of flights coming to Australia, the number of Australians contracting COVID-19 from travellers returning from overseas has escalated.”

This new measure will ensure that returning Australians self-isolate for 14 days and so reduce the incidence of community transmission of the virus.

Passengers arriving by sea or air will be transported directly to the designated facilities after appropriate immigration, customs and enhanced health checks.

Those with connecting flights to other states will also be affected by the new measures. This means anyone residing in states other than the state they arrive in will also be forced to undertake self-quarantine in the state they land in.

Having contact with the returning passengers could result in individuals also having to complete two weeks of quarantine, ABF warned.

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