Nepathya performing tomorrow to rebuild earthquake razed school

28 February 2020 I Nepal’s most-followed band, Nepathya, is performing in the heart of Kathmandu City tomorrow to raise funds for rebuilding a public school razed by the 7.8 magnitude 2015 earthquake.

Themed “Music for Education”, the folk-rock musical band is organising the much-anticipated event with Help Nepal Network, the brainchild of former BBC journalist Rabindra Mishra. The organisation undertakes philanthropic projects in the Himalayan nation with funds raised through its signature programme, “One Dollar a Month Fund for Nepal”.

In a country where musicians are still a sect struggling to make a living out of their profession, Nepathya is a different story. It is a group that regularly travels across Nepal as well as to many parts of the world with presence of Nepalese expatriates. The group has travelled to Australia multiple times with the last event in Sydney completely “sold out”.


Hence, when Nepathya says it is donating all of its proceeds from a show for a philanthropic cause, it does foretell collection of serious cash as fans now have added incentive to see lead singer Amrit Gurung rock.

Of course this is not the first time the group would contribute to Nepal’s rebuilding process. In the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake, the group donated some Rs 4 million to the Prime Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund.


Five years on since the devastating temblor killed thousands, the targeted school building is still in a dilapidated condition attracting attention of both the Nepathya management and the artistes.

Tomorrow’s event at Bhrikutimandap, a popular showground in the heart of the Nepalese capital city, is generating massive interest because of the nature of the theme, says a close Help Nepal associate Dila Kharel. The Sydney-based accountant and NRNA Australia’s former treasurer told that the organisers of tomorrow’s event are going to donate entire proceeds of the Music for Education show to rebuild Rajkuleshwor Primary School in Bhimeshwor Municipality of Dolakha district.

Nepathya is recognised for their capacity to blend Nepalese folk melodies into “youth-friendly pop and rock format”.

The band was formed in 1990 by three friends from Pokhara. Amrit Gurung, one of the original band members, continues to electrify the group’s delivery with his well-honed, earthy performances.

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