Indian police arrest man posing as special advisor to Nepal Vice President

1 February 2020 I Police in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh have arrested a man and his family team for posing as “a special advisor to the vice president of Nepal”.

The arrested conmen were given VIP police protection because they appear to have intially convinced Indian authorities about their position with forged credentials purported to be from both Indian and Nepalese embassies – an almost perfect real-life Mr Natwarlal modus operandi.

Media reports have identified the men as Mahavir Prasad Sharma, his son Kuldeep Sharma and his brother Pramod Sharma. The three family members are apparently from Jaipur.

According to Hindustan Times, there have been 18 criminal cases lodged against the main accused, Mahavir Prasad Sharma.

It is not immediately clear if the accused men have any real connections to Nepal – apart from the forged letters from the Embassy of Nepal in Kathmandu and the Embassy of Nepal in New Delhi.

The accused reportedly visited the Baglamukhi temple in Agar-Malwa on Thursday and returned to the Ujjain Circuit House to spend the night where police caught up with their lies.

The men were arrested yesterday, only ” a day after he and his family was provided with VIP security and government accommodation in Ujjain on the basis of forged documents claiming that he was the cultural advisor to the vice president of Nepal”, Hindustan Times reports.

“The main accused is a history-sheeter of Rajasthan. He claims to enjoy Z category security on the basis of documents issued from Indian embassy (in Nepal) and Nepal embassy (in India). The documents were found to be forged. Several other forged documents and business cards were found from the possession of the gang members,” Madhya Pradesh Police’s SP Ujjain Sachin Atulkar was quoted as saying.

SP Atulkar told media that while the main accused impersonated as the Advisor to the Nepalese vice president, his son was presented as his “secretary”.

Another Indian media report said that the men were found in possession of a number of different visiting cards that identified the main accused as “Tordi” while another card read “nominee for governor (Reserve Bank of England)”.

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