Two Nepalese brothers drown in Portugal; one victim died trying to help brother in distress

15 JANUARY 2020 I Two Portugal-based Nepalese brothers have died while fishing at Boca do Inferno near the coastal resort town of Cascais.

The men, who died in the tragic circumstances last Monday, have been identified as Shyam Waiba Tamang and Kamal Waiba Tamang.

Only one of the brothers was initially in the water, it is understood. Tragically, both died as the second brother jumped into the treacherous water to save his distressed sibling, a Portuguese website reported.

Tamang Association Portugal has issued a press release confirming the tragic incident. The two brothers, originally from Simara in Nepal, were involved in restaurant business, it said.

According to the press release, the Association is currently raising funds from members of the Nepalese diaspora in Portugal in order to facilitate repatriation of the remains.

Water safety is a major concern for members of the Nepalese diaspora living across the world.

As Nepal is a landlocked country, Nepalese expatriates often lack the life-saving skills and awareness that may help them avoid risks in Australian waters.

Tragically, there have been multiple water-related deaths of Nepalese migrants and international students over the past few years. As a result, Nepalese community organisations including NRNA Australia and the Embassy of Nepal are now taking keen interest in educating international students and migrants about the necessary precautions one needs to take before entering Australian waters.

The subject of water safety concerns for Nepalese international students is so serious that it now finds regular mentions in the Australian mainstream media.

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