First “International Nepali Day” observed

International Nepali
First “International Nepali Day” I Photo: Supplied

15 JANUARY 2020 I Nepalese expatriates have expressed concern over the increasingly divisive tendencies of their communities based on politics, caste, religion and other differences.

Speaking at a programme organised to commemorate the birth anniversary of Prithvi Narayan Shah who is credited with the creation of modern Nepal, Sydney-based Nepalese youths regretted the tendency of certain quarters to defame Nepal’s glorious history.

Prithvi Narayan’s birth anniversary is now being commemorated as the “International Nepali Day”, organisers announced.

Madan Mani Adhikary, the coordinator of International Nepali Day and blogger at, accused both Nepalese media and political parties of trying to rewrite and change Nepal’s historical narratives. Mr Adhikary claimed it was the first time that he and his fellow Nepalese expatriates were celebrating the day as the International Nepali Day. “We are in touch with friends in other countries who are being urged to be aware of their Nepali roots and celebrate Nepal’s glorious past through the International Nepali Day. I am sure it will gradually gain popularity,” he remarked.

Speaking at the same programme held at Auburn, NRNA’s treasurer Anil Pokhrel stated that Nepalese people today could say they were “Nepalese” because of what Prithvi Narayan Shah achieved centuries ago. Samit KC, on the other hand, urged Nepalese people not to judge Prithvi Narayan Shah through the prism of modern day Nepal. “His contributions are immortal,” he said.

Mr Adhikary said Sunday’s event was the world’s first Nepali International Day, re-christening of the erstwhile Prithvi Jayanti or the birth anniversary celebration of the Shah king.

Prithvi Narayan Shah ascended to the throne of Gorkha in 1743 and immediately launched a military campaign to establish what is today known as Nepal. He is therefore regarded as the first monarch of the Kingdom of Nepal.

The last king of the Shah Dynasty was King Gyanendra Shah who turned into a common citizen on 29 May 2008 when the first sitting of the then Constituent Assembly declared the country a Federal Democratic Republic.

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