Mallika Sherawat chooses “Lord Buddha’s birth place” for her New Year 2020 vacay

1 JANUARY 2020 I At a time when her fellow Bollywood luminaries were busy jetting off to their favourite destinations around the planet, the bold and beautiful Mallika Sherawat chose “Lord Buddha’s birth place” to welcome New Year 2020 and, no doubt, take in the calm and peace the scenic nation has on offer.

Tourism officials in Nepal are likely to appreciate Ms Sherawat’s social media posts about and from Nepal as they prepare their largest economic diplomacy excercise, Visit Nepal Year 2020. The star’s vacation is being followed by almost 2.5 million of her fans – a winning “word of mouth” advertisement for Nepal’s tourism industry.

The actress, known for her extremely disciplined lifestyle and challenging fitness regime, has posted a number of videos and photos right from the moment she left India on 28 December to her fun-time in Nepal where she has attempted “recreating” a famous scene from the superhit Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge – often referred to by its acroym DDLJ.

A day before New Year’s Eve, the fitness fanatic posted a slow-motion video shot in a blooming mustard field – somewhere in Nepal. “My ddlj moment, running around in sarson ka khet was so much fun #MondayMorning #MondayMood #nepal,” she said via her Twitter handle. The star was referring to an iconic scene in DDLJ when actress Kajol runs across a mustard field to catch a glimpse of Shah Rukh Khan who played the lead role in the romantic blockbuster.

The star appears to have stationed herself at Tiger Palace, a sprawling hospitality address in the southern town of Bhairahawa, not far from the actual birth place of Lord Budhha in Lumbini. Earlier, the actress had said through her social media accounts that she intended to visit Lumbini – a fitting place for a 43-year-old celebrity who is into yoga and meditation.

Ms Sherawat wished her fans a Happy New Year from the same mustard field. Posting a Facebook photo on that shows her posing with two female friends, she wrote, “Having a great time in Nepal wt my girls. Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year”.

Nepal today launched its massively-publicised economic diplomacy initiative, the Visit Nepal Year 2020. Government ministers from other countries including India’s Minister of State for Tourism, Prahlad Patel, are in the scenic nation to participate in the inauguration programme of the year-long initiative.

Nepal relies heavily on tourism, its economic backbone, which was severely affected in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake of 2015.

Despite the mounting odds, the Government of Nepal has lately been successful in picking up the pace and attract tourists from across the world including tens of thousands from down under.

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