Mates cook up Nepalese meal for firefighters braving Southern Highlands inferno

Mates from South West Nepalese Community Sydney pose in front of the Picton Bowling Club where they delivered 180 containers of Npealese meal I Photo: Supplied

21 December 2019 I Goat curry is the kind of food that “talks” to anyone and everyone from Nepal, including tens of thousands Nepalese origin people that call Australia home. So when a group of mates from South West Nepalese Community Sydney huddled togehter discussing ways to help fight the devastating Southern Highlands bushfire, that’s exactly what came to their minds – hearty Nepalese curries and fluffy rice to recharge our brave firefighters who keep communities safe and literally, save Australian lives.

Devendra Sapkota, Min Bhusal, Bhupal Sitoula and Himalyan Butchery at Campsie chipped in to organise the necessary ingredients for mouthwatering curries for as many as 180 hardworking firefighters working the Southern Highlands inferno.

According to Bhupal Sitoula, volunteer chefs taking care of the firefighters’ dinner were relieved of so much pressure when the Nepalese men arrived at the Picton Bowling Club with 180 containers of ready-to-eat dinner.


The firefighters did love their dinner home-cooked by the group and apparently they want more of it, Mr Sitoula said citing one of his contacts. However, more than the firefighters themselves, it was the chefs that were even happier yesterday evening as the dinner for the night was taken care of by the good members of multicultural Sydney.

The South West Nepalese Community Sydney has also set up a GoFund page to raise funds for the bushfire victims.

The Nepalese group coordinated with Southern Highlands local MPs Lou Amato and Nathaniel Smith to organise the meals for the firefighters.

Chicken curry, goat curry and bottles of mineral water provided by the community members may not be the only tools needed by firefighters to fight off the inferno but the gesture definitely does show the appreciation Australians have for our firefighters, a member of the Nepalese diaspora said.

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