Globe-trotting Nepalese band enthralls expatriates at sold-out Sydney event

“Nepathya” lead man Amrit Gurung performing at Big Top Sydney on 15 December I Photo: Supplied

15 December 2019 I They may be a Third World band but the sheer force of their popularity enables Nepathya to tour the world as if they were a platoon of Oscar-winning rock stars. The admiration of their fans has meant the Nepalese band is currently touring the country of Opera House for the sixth time since 2009.

At each concert, they attract more fans than the last and create record of some sort or the other, the latest being Nepathya is the first Nepalese band to completely sell out online. So when fans thronged Big Top Sydney yesterday evening, none queued up at the box office. They were all set way before the programme kicked off at the Luna Park-based venue.

This has apparently never happened before when it comes to the Nepalese music industry.

According to Sydney-based journalist Hemanta Kafle who was at the event on Saturday, the crowd gathered at the Luna Park venue was simply mind-blowing. Many fans were still loitering around the venue hoping for tickets even after the programmed had kicked off, he said.

With tickets priced between $35.95 and $105.95, the sell-out event turned out to be gold for the Sydney-based event organiser, Nepali Touch. However, has been told by people close to the band, managing the folk-rock stars is an expensive hospitality.

Nepathya is also the first Nepalese band whose manager tours with them wherever they go, managing every aspect of their business.

The band enthralled some three thousand fans at the Big Top Sydney where they played their usual folk music inspired numbers. Nepathya’s songs appeal to Nepalese people of all age groups as they inspire nationalism and silently urge fans to do right by their nation.

Photo: Supplied

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