Nepal was perfect game for accused US paedophile caught in the act with minor victims

10 December 2019 I Nepal Police investigators say they have arrested a US national who used goodies and cash to lure minor girls to his hotel room and then sexually abuse them.

According to a press release by Nepal Police headquarters, Jason Lloyd Moody from Illinois was allegedly caught in the act last Sunday.

That Mr Moody is a travelling “pro” becomes evident from the fact that he had multiple travel documents on him when he was caught in “compromising position” over the weekend. Police recovered three American passports with serial numbers 567472535, 506073084 and 545658500.

The 40-year-old had enrolled at a local college in Kathmandu to learn Nepalese language, police added.

According to the press statement, Nepal Police investigators sprang into action when they were alerted to the presence of a foreigner who appeared to lure minors with food and money in order to sexually exploit them. As a result, the accused was busted at Memorial Hotel in Kathmandu. The hotel is in close proximity to Tribhuvan International Airport, Nepal’s only international airport.

Police also recovered multiple credit cards, ATM cards, a laptop and four mobile telephone sets.

According to some vernacular websites, the accused American citizen was arrested with two ten-year old girls. His third victim, who had earlier escaped from his den, apparently led police to the accused perpetrator’s hotel room.

Reports suggest the accused American paedophile found Nepal to be his perfect playground where he could fulfil his dark fantasies. This was apparently his fourth visit to Nepal since 2014, with every visit the man staying back in Nepal a bit longer.

Mr Moody was reportedly popular in Kathmandu’s squatter settlements along the “sacred” Bagmati River where, reports suggest, he regularly distributed goodies among children due to which their parents had grown familiar with the accused visitor.

Police continue to investigate his sexual abuse of minors.

One thought on “Nepal was perfect game for accused US paedophile caught in the act with minor victims

  1. He has schizophrenia… he did not take any medication.
    The dam news loves to make it more dramatic .
    Yes he was wrong.
    But sexually abused wasn’t his attention.
    The families let there kids roam about at 5 years old
    I was with my parents at 5 years old.
    If nepal kept there kids inside and not let them hang with a 40 year old, this would not happen..
    He was perfectly ok. Before…
    He just need to be on medication.
    Get your news right,

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