Legendary Adrien Brody thankful for Nepalese friends who remind him to have “kindness”

6 December 2019 I Adrien Brody could not have come to Nepal at a more opportune time. Tourism is the lifeline of the tiny Himalayan nation’s fledgling economy and hence, the “Visit Nepal 2020” they have lately been carrying on about.

The legendary actor told his fans last week he was happy “being back” in Nepal because people in the mountain nation reminded him “of the simplest joys of all: kindness”.

Since he landed in Nepal a little over a week ago, the Hollywood star of The Pianist fame has been posting pictures and videos of some of Nepal’s most breathtaking vistas. He has taken pictures of local children, awe-inspiring mountain ranges and some lonely yet happy yaks, not to mention his pint at the world’s highest Irish pub – in Namche.

As fans of the Oscar-winner in the four corners of the world view these posts, they naturally engage and react creating a digital ripple effect benefitting Nepal’s much-essential tourism industry.

In the process, Mr Brody has inadvertently become the godsend ambassador for Nepal’s tourism industry, immaterial of what business he is in the country for.

Earlier today, he posted a video of a wind-swept trekking route. Yesterday, the 46-year-old posted a video on his Instagram showcasing the “beautiful life” of a lonely but positively happy-looking yak. The actor follows the yak into a building exiting into an opening that shows a magnificent view that some of his fans on Instagram found it hard to believe was real.


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?Where is Brody⁉️ #whereisbrody

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“You have a beautiful life….you have a beautiful life here!” the acclaimed actor tries to strike a conversation with the calm-footed yak.


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? #beautifullife ?

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Spellbound fans from across the world are beginning to react to Mr Brody’s Nepal posts on social media, many appear to wonder if the pictures are real.

“Where in the world is this?” asks one fan while another questions, “Is this real?” They know it is real, but only in Nepal.


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The actor-producer received widespread recognition for his stunning performance in Roman Polanski’s The Pianist. The other Hollywood blockbusters he has worked in are The Thin Red Line, King Kong and Predators.

This is not the first time Mr Brody visited Nepal. He was in the South Asian nation back in 2015 to participate in charity activities.

Through his social media post, the Hollywood heavyweight told the world that he was “thankful for being back in beautiful Nepal, for sharing the light that the remarkable children here offer with their pure and gentle spirit, for the bravery and generosity of the @kungfununs, who prove that they are tough enough to stand up for justice and are never too tired to save the animals and their neighbors in need.”

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