Grammy Award is big but when a Nepalese man gets nominated it gets even bigger

Manose Singh: The boy from Boudha who is now capable of creating “music from inner stillness” I Photo: Facebook

25 November 2019 I Nepalese flautist Manose Singh, who goes by Manose Newa in his Facebook profile, has become the first Nepalese-origin person to be nominated for the prestigious Grammy Awards.

The globe-trotting artiste broke the news on his excited country men and women through a social media post late last week.

“And the Grammy goes to… This morning beloved Deva and Miten called me and gave me some surprise news ….We have been nominated for a Grammy! Amazing news for all of us . Thank you !! In my deep heart I always feel the music we share needs no validation but at same time it’s excited to hear! Thanks again beloveds. And the Grammy goes to….YOU ❤️🙏❤️,” (sic) his ecstatic Facebook post reads.

Mr Singh is known to have bought his first bansuri, a bamboo flute, from a street hawker in Kathmandu city when he was still a young school boy and began carrying it around. He is today known for his ability to fuse notes from all sorts of musical backgrounds and create a “music from the inner stillness” that will just “blow your mind”.

The man from Boudha got nominated for the 2020 Best New Age Album category for his contribution to Deva, Deva Premal’s album.

What Manose can do for your soul through his out-of-this-world music is perhaps best described by an article on Indian Currents magazine’s website: “There is probably no one, however, who has taken the bansuri more places and given it a greater expressive range than Nepali musician Manose.”

“As a small boy in the Himalayas, I found myself one night in the thrall of a sound that awakened something in my core; since then, my life has been guided by the search for this experience; using my music, I express the longing to answer this call within,” Manose tells about himself in his official website.

So what do they say about Manose’s enthralling music? His website cites some:

“The sound of Manose’s flutes, are the sound of the Gods… there is a direct link. If you’re open to it, they will speak through him.”  John Densmore (The Doors)

“What transpires when Manose puts his lips to a flute is supernatural… hypnotic, sacred, seductive, simple, air through bamboo.”  Los Angeles Yoga

“Music for inner stillness.”  Eckhart Tolle

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