Chilling Google search by woman who killed Indian student in “sex plot”

21 November 2019 I Court proceedings in Victoria have revealed a young woman accused of killing an Indian student last year Googled how to get away with murder while the unsuspecting 24-year-old victim was actually driving to her apartment.

The Indian man, Maulin Rathod, had met the accused killer Jamie Lee Dolheguy on Plenty of Fish, a popular dating website.

Mr Rathod drove nearly 40 kilometres to Ms Dolheguy’s apartment when his would-be killer used the Internet to figure out how to avoid getting caught after committing the murder.

The two had communicated briefly before she invited him over to her home in July 2018. When he arrived at the address, she told Mr Rathod that they would play “choke play” which eventually cost the young man his life. She is accused of chocking the Indian man during the sex play and then strangling him with a USB charger following which she called the police.

According to an AAP report, Jamie Lee Dolheguy had Googled “I will kill someone tonight” and “I want to commit murder” just half an hour before the Indian-born student arrived at the fateful address in north-west Melbourne.

Prosecutor Patrick Bourke told the court that she killed the Indian student on the “pretence they were going to engage in consensual sexual activity that would involve choke play”.

Both the prosecutor and Ms Dolheguy’s lawyer agree on the accused’s  role in the murder. The only question the Victorian court is now trying to establish is whether or not the accused killer pre-meditated the murder.

Former carers of the accused killer have told the court of the mental health issues Ms Dolheguy struggled with. Court heard that the accused had a troubled past and that she had attempted self-harm a number of times.

Mr Rathod’s Facebook profile, which is now a tribute to his life and memories, states he had a Masters of Professional Accounting degree from the Charles Sturt University.

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