Good news for AIBT-I students as ASQA revokes its decision

5 June 2019: The Australian Skills and Quality Authority (ASQA) has called off its decision to cancel VET and CRICOS registrations of the Australia Institute of Business and Technology-International (AIBT-I).

Career aspirations of thousands of international students would have been seriously impacted if the decision of the national regulatory body had come into efffect.

Majority of the international students at AIBT-I, it is understood, are from Nepal and hence the social media chatter about their grievances and concerns.

According to AIBT-I, those concerns of the affected students can now be put to rest as ASQA has revoked its earlier decision. ASQA, on its part, is yet to update its websites with information on the revocation.

Fiona Kee, CEO of AIBT-I, has urged her students to have faith in the organisation as she emphatically reiterates AIBT’s committment to produce “job ready” candidates.

“My key message to all our students and their loved ones is please place trust and faith in us, and don’t believe in rumours that we are shutting or closing down,” she said.

“We are investing a majority of our resources in partnering with the various industries to support our students to graduate as “job ready” candidates who will be able to penetrate the global job market with significant edge over their peers,” Ms Kee, who also doubles as the Head of Compliance, said in an email to

Fiona Kee, AIBT-I CEO

ASQA decided to cancel AIBT-I’s registrations on May 8 (AIBT-I was served notice to that effect on May 15) which would have come into effect on June 19.

AIBT-I had decided to challenge the decision “in the federal court as ASQA has made errors in their report and hence their decision”.

Interestingly, ASQA decided to revoke its earlier decision to cancel its registration on a day when the matter was to be heard in the Australian Federal Court.

“AIBT welcomes ASQA’s swift revocation decision as this will allow us to continue our current operations with no interruptions. Most importantly, we are really glad that we will finally be able to calm down the volatility that has been brewing within our students’ and their parents’ minds. Now the focus is all about helping our students to continue their studies and achieving their qualifications,” Ms Kee further added.

She has thanked her students, AIBT team members and business partners for their support “through thick and thin”.

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