Prabal Gurung says he’s been in relationship for over 5 years but not with Karan Johar


28 May 2019: US-based Nepalese designer Prabal Gurung has issued a statement on Twitter to deny he is romantically involved with Bollywood heavyweight Karan Johar.

The “rumour” Mr Gurung is now trying to dispel was triggered after he shared a picture on Instagram on the occasion of Karan Johar’s recent birthday. The post showed the two posing for the camera – dressed funky and cosy.

The designer, whose clients includes former US First Lady Michelle Obama and Hollywood celebrities, says he has been “in happy romantic relationship for over 5 years – with someone else – not Karan”.

In the statement posted over the weekend, the Nepalese-American designer clarified that Mr Johar was no more than a “buddy and a big brother to him” and hoped that the statement would “lay it all to rest”.

“No, I am not dating ⁦⁩ He is my dearest friend, mentor, buddy and a big brother,” he said.

He further stated that the Instagram photo showing him with the Bollywood stalwart was done “with humour and his absolute love for Bollywood, its melodramatic flair and the one and only Madhubala”.

“Karan is one of my dearest friends. He has been someone I turn to in times of need. He is my mentor, my guru, my confidante and above all, a big brother to me. We’ve seen each other through our respective highs and lows. Karan is someone I deeply admire and respect. Not only has he been there for me, he’s been there for my family as well. I admire his wit, his compassion and his empathy for this world,” the eloquent statement reads.

Last Saturday, Prabal Gurung had shared his picture with Karan Johar with the caption, “Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya. Happy birthday KJo.”

Mr Johar, on his part, responded: “Control yourself bhaiya”.

To misconstrue his deep love for Karan as a romantic relationship was “immature, unfounded, and frandkly, very damaging in the 21st century”, the 40-year-old lamented, adding, “There is not just one kind of love, one definition of love. Love is multifaceted. It’s complex and nuanced.”

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Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya. Happy birthday KJo.

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