Australia may not attract as many Indian students in future due to improved universities at home

6 May 2019: The chief executive of the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) has warned Indian students may not always be flying to Australia in hordes because of improved university standards at home.

Amitabh Kant I Photo: Facebook

“The supply of students to Australia will come down in due course. In the next three to five years Indian universities and colleges will become better and better. And  this market of vast numbers of Indian students coming to Australia will taper down,” a Financial Review report published yesterday quoted Amitabh Kant as saying.

Mr Kant, who is the author of Branding India: An Incredible Story, believes the current one-way traffic of students flying to Australia for higher education is not “sustainable” and hence needs to be looked at in a more “creative and innovative manner”.

According to Mr Kant, Australian educational institutions’ first step should be to do joint courses and degrees and take a stake in Indian campuses.

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