Australian police travel to US to extradite Nepalese man accused of raping Sydney woman

5 May 2019: A team of Australian police personnel have returned from Los Angeles with a Nepalese man who has since been charged with “sexual intercourse without consent” and “assault with act of indecency”.

NSW Police Detectives arrived with the 35-year-old at Sydney airport yesterday morning from where he was driven to Kogarah Police Station in Sydney’s south.

The accused Nepalese man covers his face as he arrives at Kogarah Police Station in Sydney I Photo: NSW Police Force

“It’s alleged the man sexually and indecently assaulted a 21-year-old woman at a Carlton unit on Wednesday 14 June 2017,” a police statement in relation to the extradition of the Nepalese man reads.

Carlton, the suburb where the alleged offences took place, is only few kilometres from Rockdale which is an extremely popular suburb among Nepalese-speaking students and migrants.

According to NSW Police, the unidentified Nepalese man committed the alleged sexual offences while holidaying in Australia in June 2017.

He was arrested by NYPD – United States Marshall Service Task Force officers in New York on 17 January, police said, by virtue of a Federal Warrant.

US authorities handed over the custody of the accused to Australian detectives from St George Police Area Command after the two sides met in Los Angeles. American authorities had escorted the Nepalese man from New York where he was arrested in January.

Although police have not yet revealed the accused’s country of origin, a number of major Australian media outlets have described him as “a Nepalese”.

He has been charged with two counts of sexual intercourse without consent and five counts of assault with act of indecency.

2 thoughts on “Australian police travel to US to extradite Nepalese man accused of raping Sydney woman

    1. Warwick Stanford

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      He is an australian, he has been in Australia for probably most of his life the crime was committed in Australia and over here they do not have the “death penalty” and I know that rape is a very serious offence, (the poor woman) I hope that she would get all the help that she needs in order for her to over come the traumatic ordeal, he is not going to receive the death penalty. They stopped doing the death penalty back in 1967 after Ronald Ryan was falsely accused of committing a murder and he was hanged in the gallows in a Victorian Prison. Now the punishment is going to be life imprisonment but that is for very severe offences. (He may just be imprisoned for a year or so). I am not too sure if he is going to be given the death penalty for that offence in Nepal.
      Not even Nepal has the death penalty either just long jail times.
      (For crimes under the country’s common law, capital punishment was abolished by legal reform in 1946. Full abolition by constitutional amendment came into force on 9 November 1991. Article 12 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal (1990) states: “No law shall be made which provides for capital punishment.”)

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