Body suspected to be of Nepalese woman, victim of serial killer, recovered in Cyprus

29 April 2019: Cypriot investigators have recovered “decomposed remains” of a woman which they believe could be that of a Nepalese woman identified by local and international media outlets as Asmita Khadka Bista.

Not much is known about the possible victim of a “serial killer” whose preying and murders of foreign women living and working in Cyprus have sickened people of  the eastern Mediterranean island country.

Thousands of Nepalese students go to Cyprus for higher studies.

According to an Associated Press report, Asmita Khadka Bista is suspected to be the victim of a 35-year-old “serial killer” who has confessed to have killed seven women and girls – all expatriates from other countries.

The accused National Guard captain, identified by Cyprus Mail as Nicos Metaxas, “gave the police a 10-page handwritten confession that contains details of seven victims, the court heard on Saturday where he was remanded for another eight days”.Asmita Khadka

The suspected remains of the 30-year-old Nepalese national were recovered from a firing range of the Cypriot military the unidentified “serial killer” worked for.

The site of the grizzly find, some 40 kilometres west of capital Nicosia, is located in the village of Orounta.

Authorities have been recovering decomposing remains of the victims ever since the suspect provided written confession to them. The details of his crimes apparently run into ten hand-written pages.

Remains of four of the seven possible victims have been recovered so far, reports indicated, while investigators continue to look for the rest.

At least three of the victims were from the Philippines whose bodies were recovered in suitcases from a toxic man-made lake, reports said.

The suspected serial killer faces charges for pre-meditated murders dating back to as far as 2016.

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