The “7 Marketing Mistakes” NRN entrepreneurs make while doing business in Australia

26 April 2019: Nepalese Australian entrepreneurs are likely to make seven key marketing mistakes as they set up, build and operate businesses down under, says an academic from the University of Canberra.

Dr Kishor Vaidya

Speaking to on the eve of a national conference of Nepalese Australian entrepreneurs, Dr Kishor Vaidya stated that marketing is key to being successful in the world of business. “Marketing should be your #1 business priority”, he said, “Most businesses fail because of bad marketing”.

Dr Vaidya, an Australian academic of Nepalese origin, has also cautioned those who may be tempted to take short cuts to business success by being in the wrong side of the law – simply because the law of the land is too good to let crooks slip away. “It is a mistake to believe that you can outsmart or trick the government and the regularity systems in Australia. They are smarter than you,” he cautions.

Dr. Vaidya is presenting a paper on 7 Marketing Mistakes at the 2nd National Entrepreneur Conference 2019 being organised by NRNA (Non-Residential Nepali Association). To be held in Sydney tomorrow, this is the second edition of the  event which is already drawing considerable crowd.

During his presentation, Dr Vaidya will talk about the usual mistakes NRN entrepreneurs are likely to make as they do business down under. At the same time, he will also talk about the ways they can avoid making these mistakes.

According to Dila Kharel, spokesperson of NRNA Australia and coordinator of the entrepreneurs conference, 15 business leaders and experts will share their knowledge and expertise at the Hotel Rydges venue in Sydney.

Some participants are even flying from New Zealand and Nepal, he Mr Kharel said. An estimated 300 people from various capital cities of Australia as well as from overseas will participate in the conference which run from 9 am to 5 pm, he added.

Marketing should be your #1 business priority”, says Dr Vaidya. “Most businesses fail because of bad marketing”.

The Melbourne-based Associate Professor cautions business leaders from the community should be prepared to face competition “because when something becomes profitable, people want to copy it”. The population of Nepalese Australians is on a steady rise but so is the number of people with entrepreneurial mindset, he pointed out.

“Don’t worry. Marketing, NOT unethical practices, is the answer”, Dr. Vaidya however assures.

A confused buyer will not buy your product or service” Dr. Vaidya maintains.

What are the THREE vital elements which you must get right for a successful marketing campaign? What ONE question you must answer in order to differentiate your business from the rest? What’s the most cost-effective way to stand out from the crowd? How to be seen as an expert and authority by your target market? Tomorrow Dr. Vaidya will address some of these key marketing issues.




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