“Gujarat’s Hitler” Hardik Patel says he would go to Nepal if he ever needed to hire watchmen, “chowkidars”

23 April 2019: In taking a swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s chowkidar title, an Indian National Congress (INC) leader has made an extremely upsetting comments against the South Asian superpower’s age-old and time-tested friend, Nepal.

The youth leader, Hardik Patel, made the disgraceful comments on Tuesday after casting his vote at a polling station in his native Gujarat state.

“Look, if I had to look for a watchman then I would go to Nepal,” he emphatically tells a journalist in response to a question, attempting to articulate his notion of a Prime Minister for the world’s largest democracy.

“I want a Prime Minister in the country; a Prime Minister who can strengthen this nation’s economy, this nation’s education, this nation’s youths, someone who can strengthen soldiers,” he says in the video speaking in Hindi language.

It is noteworthy that the 25-year-old, who styles himself as a “Proud Indian Patriot”, was recently slapped by a fellow Gujarat man as he delivered speech at an election rally. The incident took place in Surendranagar district of Gujarat last Friday.

The man who attacked him climbed on to the stage he was delivering his speech from before taking aim at his chubby cheeks. The youth leader’s supporters quickly overpowered the attacker, a video available on Twitter reveals, thrashing and leading him away.

The man who slapped the youth leader, identified as one Tarun Gajjar, later called Mr Patil “Gujarat’s Hitler”.

“An angry Gajjar was heard saying that 14 Patidar youngsters had been killed in 2015 during Hardik Patel’s agitation for reservations to the community but now the latter was playing politics over it,” NDTV reported.

Reports suggested Mr Patil lodged a complaint at a local police station following the incident and blamed the ruling party for the slapping episode, calling it “BJP’s handiwork”.

It is understood his party, the Indian National Congress, has since called on the Election Commission to provide security for Mr Patil.


The crude and unbecoming comments by the Indian leader have not only hurt the sentiments of Nepalese citizens but have also disgusted Mr Patil’s own fellow citizens.

One man apologised for the arrogant and racist comments of the INC leader and pitched to people across the open border, “You have been our friend through thick and thin.”

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