Sending packages to loved ones in Nepal? Watch how customs sorts your freight in Kathmandu

12 April 2019: A long-time Australian resident purporting to spend some quality time in his country of origin got the shock of his life when he recently witnessed the utter recklessness of customs staff at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu.

The man, who secretly made a twenty-second video of the free kicks and jolly throws of the seemingly happy bunch of porters, said he was at the TIA last Wednesday to receive a package from Australia when he was taken aback by their completely irresponsible behaviour.

Currently in Nepal prospecting investment opportunities, the man said he could not believe his eyes when the airport workers threw packages across the warehouse instead of simply using a forklift or  other standard warehouse  equipment.

The young non-resident Nepali (NRN) said he could actually see a forklift lying in a corner of the customs warehouse but no one seemed interested in that piece of machine – they preferred the much healthier and merrier way of working their jobs. The short video clip clearly shows the customs employees prefer physicality to automation.

The sender of the video said he could actually hear glass and fragile objects, your gifts to your beloved family that is, crack inside the packages as the men continued to hurl the boxes that landed freely on the concrete floor.

“This video has only small boxes but before that those people were throwing big boxes and it was busted,” the man who claims to have been living in Australia for the last 13 years said.

The “registered agents” that customers are required to use to get their freight cleared from customs apparently do not have a “fixed rate” and that they charge you at their whims, the disgruntled man further expressed his grievances. He was frustrated that he had to wait “five hours” to get his goods cleared although it should have ideally taken around thirty minutes or so.

Yes, that’s my concern because people pay a lot of money and effort to send their items to their loved ones and to businesses only to find out that it’s treated like no one cares,” the man added, requesting anonymity because he would probably have to go back to the customs office at the only international airport in the Himalayan nation.

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