Reason to go regional: international students could get yearly up to $15,000 in scholarships

9 April 2019: The Australian government will be providing some 4,720 new scholarships over the next four years to both domestic and international students.

Christened Destination Australia, these new scholarships will be available only for students who study at a regional campus of a university or vocational education and training provider.

A Department of Education and Training document indicates the 4,720 scholarships will be distributed evenly between international and domestic students.

This means as many as 500 overseas students will be able to access up to $15,000 a year as they become part of our regional hubs that stand much in need of productive workforce. As they would surely attest, $15,000 per year is not a small amount of cash in the impecunious life of a student.

According to a recent media release by the Prime Minister’s office, there are as many as 47,000 unfulfilled job vacancies in regional Australia. The statement went on to say that “many of our smaller cities and regional areas are crying out for more people”. On the back of this data, the Scott Morrison Government has come up with the Destination Australia scholarships which, it is hoped, will attract both Australian as well as international students to study in the regions.

“Students will be able to access up to $15,000 each per year for studying at a regional campus of a university or vocational education and training provider,” reads the government’s recently-unveiled document on its population plan, “The Temporary Graduate Visa will be extended for international students who have completed their studies at a regional campus of a university, have lived in regional Australia during their first post-study work visa, and wish to continue to live and work in regional Australia.”

The Destination Australia program will provide financial support for tertiary education students of Certificate IV, Accredited Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree, Bachelors Honours Degree, Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma and finally Masters or Doctoral degrees.

The student applicants must be enrolled at a registered tertiary provider with a regional campus. The education provider will have their own processes for awarding scholarships to individual students.

The application process for Destination Australia is expected to open later in the year with the actual scholarships to commence from the first semester of 2020.





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