“Foreigner” Nepalese is bad business for Prachanda

19 March 2019: It seems Nepalese diaspora is a bad, bad business for Prachanda, Nepal’s former prime minister and the commander-in-chief of the erstwhile guerrilla outfit Nepal Communist Party (Maoist).

His one foot was almost on the plane when his much publicised trip to Australia was cancelled in June 2016 following reports of correspondence about his violent past that contributed to the loss of more than 16,000 innocent lives in Nepal – from 1996 to 2006. It was rumoured at the time that the correspondence involved local government authorities in New South Wales.

Although it was never fully revealed how that came into being, members of the Australian Nepalese diaspora believe that the chain of events that led to the eventual cancellation of the trip originated from a letter written by the son of a Nepalese man who was murdered by the rebel party Mr Dahal once led. It is worth-mentioning here that Prachanda had already become Nepal’s prime minister at the time. 

He might have easily cancelled his visa application to Australia in 2016 because it was a matter of his own personal choice but this time, he had a difficult decision to make. Should he or should he not travel to the capitalist nation to avail of top medical services for his ailing wife? He obviously chose the latter.

But as he landed in American, a Non-Resident Nepalese, Kentucky-based Dr Tilak Shrestha lodged a complaint to none other than the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). In his letter, available on social media, Dr Shrestha details the past life of the rebel leader.

“It is to report the visit of a known terrorist Mr. Pushpa Kamal Dahal, also known as ‘Prachand’, from Nepal this week. Earlier, he was in the American terrorists list. His insurgency killed over 17,000 poor Nepalese. He is visiting ‘John Hopkins Hospital \ John Hawkins Hospital’ for the medical treatment of his wife Mrs. Sita Dahal,” reads the complaint by Dr Shrestha.

It is not immediately known what would be the “fate” of Mr Dahal following the complaint of Dr Shrestha but most Nepalese living abroad believe that the former prime minister of Nepal would not be harmed by tea-cup storm.

Interestingly, KP Oli is also a bad business for Prachanda’s foreign junket. He was the prime minister of Nepal when Prachanda’s Australia visit was cancelled. He is the prime minister of Nepal now when his US trip with his better-half is sneaking up on him.

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