Snake steals presidential moment by zigzagging red carpet at Kathmandu airport

snake on red carpet -
The moment when a snake beat the Nepalese president I Picture courtesy: Annapurna Post

16 March 2019: Politicians are often called names, including sometimes being called “snake”. An audacious little wriggly local living somewhere in the vicinity of Tribhuvan International Airport took it quite literally yesterday afternoon as it decided to beat the Nepalese president by being first on the red carpet which was actually meant for her.

The welcome arrangement was laid out Friday afternoon to honour President Bidhya Devi Bhandari when the serpent test-wriggled the carpet at least 30 minutes before the head of state got to walk on the velvety floor.

As a crowd waited for the president of the Himalayan nation to arrive from a five-day trip to the United States where she participated in a UN event, the snake suddenly appeared into the scene from next to a group of waiting journalists. For a moment, everyone forgot the VVIP and diverted their full attention to the intruder.

Ever-ready journalists sprang into action and began training their cameras on the crawler; it would most certainly have triggered some alarmed chatter into the earpieces of the presidential security detail.

The wayward snake inadvertently became headline with its pictures, accompanied by few hundred fitting words, appearing on the websites of almost all major media outlets in Nepal.

An ordinary human being would most certainly have been arrested and made to face the full force of the Nepalese law for such desecration of the fabled red carpet but not the serpent! This particular God’s creature escaped into the nearby thicket before the presidential guards could nab him, or her – just to maintain that gender equality as the president was freshly back from a UN conference titled “Women in Power”.¬†

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