Screenshots reveal how man planned making $5000 per teenage Nepalese cricketer

11 March 2019: Screenshots of a Facebook conversation from 2017 reveal how unscrupulous people do not hesitate to abuse Australian visa system in order to fill their pockets with quick money.

Fortunately, the efforts made by a young cricketer did not materialise in this particular case but one often hears community chatter about people rorting the system similarly.

Such people are least worried about what impact their selfish actions might have on the image or future of community organisations they represent and lead, says the person who made the screenshots available to It is important that we discourage these corrupt practices by exposing them, he further added when asked why he chose to talk about it nearly two years since the conversation took place.

Images made available to clearly show how the young sportsman in question who was associated with a community sports organisation at the time tried to make thousands of dollars by proposing approximately $5000 per person from teenage Nepalese cricketers dreaming exposure to Australian cricketing environment.

In attempting to come to Australia for a short time, the aspiring young men from the Himalayan nation were no doubt encouraged by the forays T20 star Sandeep Lamichhane was making at the time. Opportunities Australia offered began to be talked about in Nepal after Mr Lamichhane played alongside Michael Clarke in 2016.

“The idea was to bring them to Australia and expose them to Australian cricket,” the Nepalese national said in a Facebook voice chat, “We were planning to show them MCG, SCG, cricketing tournament, meeting with Australian cricketers and many other cricket-related activities.”

But all that came to naught after the scheme was discovered and the entire plan was called off. The planned visa fraud did not eventuate as the man who was planning it was himself dismissed from the “Association” that was facilitating to bring the budding Nepalese cricketers to Australia. “Some of them went on to play in the under-19 national team of Nepal,” the man further added, showing just how genuine the young men were.

Screenshots of Messenger chat show that the man was planning to charge NRs 400,000 from each of the five players. They could easily make NRs 2,000,000 from the arrangement, the man pitched to the recipient of the Facebook messages. He proposed splitting the approximately $10000 between the two: fifty-fifty. The recipient of the messages is himself a keen cricket promoter who currently lives in Nepal.

“Once they are here, they will convert to student visa,” the architect of the failed visa fraud scheme writes in the chat before reminding that the matter was a “top secret”.

The architect of the failed plan was so callous that he did not care whether or not the young cricketers were granted visa once he received the payment from them, the chat reveals.

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