Nepalese man shot dead in US town

24 February 2019: Outpouring of grief by residents of a US town suggests a slain Nepalese man was an extremely kind and caring convenience store owner who knew most locals by their first names.

Subash Ghale was shot dead last Thursday after a 35-year-old gunman opened fire at him.

Also shot was Prayash Baniya, another Nepalese man who was employed at the T-Mart convenience store owned by Mr Ghale. Mr Baniya, who has been described by US media as “a close friend” to the deceased, is said to be “in stable, but critical condition Saturday afternoon from his wounds at University Hospital in Louisville where he was airlifted”.

The two Nepalese-origin men were found inside the convenience store at 11:35 pm local time when Elizabethtown Police arrived at the scene, reports said.

Mr Ghale appears to have become an integral part of the local community in Elizabethtown, KY, due to his friendly and “giving” nature. Two local women, Rebecca Carter and Chrisy Gordon, told Wave3 News that “Subash Ghale will leave a big void in the community”. Another local, Savannah Hughes, wondered now where he would go when he is “having a bad day” suggesting just how receptive Mr Ghale was to the locals.

Timmy Puckett, a firefighter in the town, told a local news website that he had become good friends with the murdered Nepalese man as he dropped in to buy “breakfast and Monster energy drinks several times a week”. He had become such good friends that Mr Ghale used to give his cash to Mr Puckett for depositing in the bank.

“He was an every day good dude and a friend. I’m devastated. He had a lot of friends, regulars who came in to get coffee or lottery tickets. He was on a first-name basis with a lot of people,” Mr Puckett was quoted as saying.

Timmy Puckett killed his girlfriend first before he shot Subash Ghale

Shadrach Peeler has been charged with the murder of Mr Ghale as well as Cherie Nicole Turner. Ms Turner was living with the 35-year-old accused murderer, her mother told local media. Mr Peeler is accused of shooting her dead before he went to the Nepalese man’s shop where he fatally shot him. He shot another woman in the leg.

Police are still trying to establish a motive, it is understood.

According to reports, Mr Peeler is scheduled to appear at the Hardin County District Court on Monday.

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