AIBT boss says her organisation never promised credits to affected international students

21 February 2019: AIBT is urging its international students not to switch to other training entities because its operations are “business as usual”.

Responding to a query from, Fiona Kee has clarified that her organisation at no point promised any particular amount of credits out of AIBT’s Diploma of Nursing course.

“AIBT started delivering the diploma of nursing program to international students during September/October 2017. Since the program’s inception, AIBT has been very clear that our program is accredited with ASQA (Australia Skill Quality Authority) and not with Australian Nursing & Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC),” the Company Director of AIBT said in an emailed response.

“The credit exemption or advanced standing process is a case by case basis dependent on the university our students apply to. This is a procedure and process determined by individual university. In fact, we have current Diploma of Nursing students already receiving credits in universities,” she asserted.

sidha kura janata sanga -
This screenshot from popular Nepalese talk-show Sidha Kura Janata Sanga shows a group of Nepalese students at AIBT talking to journalist Rabi Lamichhane.

Stating that AIBT is “concerned about their situation”, Ms Kee has assured international students that “nothing will happen to their visa”.

Majority of the affected Diploma of Nursing students happen to be from Nepal where parents spend their lifetime earnings to send their children for higher studies in Australia.

“We’re giving students support and we’re discouraging them from switching to a new provider because there are many of them that have nearly got their qualifications,” Ms Kee was quoted as saying in a press statement released on February 21.

The RTO has engaged a legal team for an appeals process against ASQA’s decision to cancel its registration, she added, “Operations are not affected and nothing will happen to their visa.”

The AIBT issue came to a head when a group of Nepalese students pursuing Diploma of Nursing at AIBT appeared on a live talk-show programme of a Nepalese television channel.

The is currently following a number of serious allegations that an affected student made in a video which was posted on Facebook today.

Fiona Kee has lamented that factual inaccuracies in media reports have contributed to the concern of the international nursing students.

She also highlighted the fact that the AIBT’s sister organisation, AIBT I, continues to function normally and its students are not affected by the ongoing debacle.

AIBT has vowed to assist the affected international students “to progress into their desired career”.

ASQA cancelled the VET and CRICOS registration of AIBT on February 19 because it failed to demonstrate that (a) its marketing practices were accurate and factual; (b) its training and assessment practices enabled each learner to meet all requirements of their course; (c) it had sufficient resources including qualified staff and facilities and (d) it had implemented an assessment system to ensure learners had the skills they needed.

“The decision to cancel this provider’s registration will take effect from 26 March 2019. The provider may seek a review of this decision by applying to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal within 28 days. The provider may also request a stay of the decision until the AAT determines its review,” a ASQA representative told yesterday.

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