Politicians make ludicrous recommendations regarding ambassador appointment: FM Gyawali

7 February 2019: A statement made today by Nepal’s foreign minister Pradeep Kumar Gyawali could explain why the South Asian nation often deals with scandals involving its ambassadors stationed around the world.

Speaking at a meeting of the Parliamentary Hearing Committee in Kathmandu, Mr Gyawali said that party leaders often approach him with funny suggestions around ambassador appointment.

“If nothing works out then send him away as an ambassador,” the Nepalese foreign affairs minister mockingly quoted his fellow politicians.

Nepalese missions in five different countries currently do not have ambassadors. One of these five vacant positions happens to be in Australia. The Nepalese embassy in Canberra was rendered vacant after former ambassador Lucky Sherpa resigned following allegations of human trafficking which she has repeatedly denied.

During Thursday’s meeting, Mr Gyawali said that he comes across pretty ludicrous recommendations when it comes to appointing ambassadors. “…They take the subject of ambassador appointment so lightly,” he rued.

Ambassadors to be posted abroad will now be “trained” for a week, Mr Gyawali told lawmakers during today’s meeting. “We are making them undergo a week-long training. Some have complained that they have had to study from 8 am to 5 pm in their old age,” he was quoted as saying by a local media.

The Parliamentary Committee had summoned Mr Gywali to discuss complaints that the ambassador appointment process has not been inclusive as envisioned in the constitution.

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