Amigos still: US ambassador & Nepal FM attend programme together

4 February 2019: Nepal’s foreign minister and US ambassador have attended a programme together indicating the two sides are making efforts to forget recent diplomatic hiccup created by Comrade Prachanda’s sharp anti-US statement.

Nepal’s seven-decade long development partner had taken exception to the former prime minister’s January 25 rhetoric in which he slammed US and “its allies” for their involvement “in the internal affairs of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela”. The fallout of the statement was such that the US Ambassador to Nepal, Randy Berry, stayed away from a recent briefing organised by Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, although the embassy indicated it was not the reason of the envoy’s absence.

The two sides appear to have bridged the gap with Ambassador Berry and foreign minister Pradeep Kumar Gyawali attending an “English language” and skills training for tourism and immigration officials. The event was jointly organised today by the American embassy and Nepal Tourism Board.

According to Nepalese journalist Tirtha Koirala, diplomatic relationship between two nations does not end in a day and nor does it commence that way. “However, every step taken is carefully considered,” Mr Koirala, who is also the chairperson of Nepal Press Institute (NPI), said on Twitter. The editor of was referring to a flurry of social media posts and news reports claiming Prachanda’s statement against America damaged the diplomatic relations between the global superpower and the tiny Himalayan nation.


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