No sinister reason behind ex-king not being by Paras Shah’s hospital bed

29 January 2019: Gyanendra Shah’s personal secretary has said there is no sinister reason behind the former king not travelling to Kathmandu to be with Paras Shah as he remains in “stable but critical” condition following a heart attack.

The ex-king is currently in Simara while the former crown prince is recovering at the Norvic International Hospital following his third heart attack. He was admitted Monday afternoon following complaints of discomfort in his chest.

Although former queen Komal Shah travelled overnight to be by her son’s side at the Kathmandu hospital, the former monarch did not. This has triggered various speculations about their father-son relationship. Some, on the other hand, criticised the government for not “sending a helicopter” to fetch Mr Shah so that he could be with his son. 

Speaking to, Phani Pathak dismissed all speculations about Gyanendra Shah not visiting his son in the hospital.

“No no no,” the personal secretary to the ex-king was quick to react when asked if the absence meant Paras Shah had once more become estranged from his family.

“Doctors said everything went okay and that he would be discharged tomorrow and moreover, father and son have already chatted over telephone. That’s why His Majesty did not travel,” he clarified. “There is nothing like that,” he added.

Doctors treating the former crown prince have suggested he is not completely out of the woods yet. Dr Yadav Dev Bhatta told journalists in Kathmandu that Mr Shah’s condition was “stable but critical”. Doctors reportedly want to keep him under close scrutiny for at least 75 hours due to hereditary heart issues in the Shah family.

Gyanendra Shah is currently in Simara from where he is due to travel to eastern Nepal district of Jhapa. The former king is going to spend as long as one and half months in a bungalow at the sprawling tea garden near Damak, Mr Pathak said.

Dr Bhatta told reporters that the former king has been regularly calling the hospital to get updates on his son’s condition.

Paras Shah and Gyanendra Shah at a Kathmandu restaurant in 2016 I Photo: Trisara Restaurant

Paras Shah had his first heart trouble in 2007 when he was admitted into the same Kathmandu hospital following a mild heart attack. In 2013, as he remained estranged from his family, he suffered a massive heart attack in Bangkok. An Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator (ICD) was placed in his heart in 2015.

Patriarchs of the Shah family are known to suffer from various heart ailments with the last king himself suffering a mild heart attack in 2014. His brother, late Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev, also had a heart attack in 1998 following which he never completely recovered from its effects.

Father of Gyanendra Shah, King Mahendra, had died in 1971 after suffering a heart attack. He was merely 51 years of age.

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