Ambassador Sherpa isn’t here to take responsibility of office, claims Nepalese government insider


By Ram Khatry
17 January 2019

A source within the Nepalese government has said Ambassador Lucky Sherpa travelled to Australia earlier this week only for a short period of time and is likely to return home very soon.

“She has indeed returned (to Australia) but that does not mean she returned to take full responsibility of her office,” he told over telephone. “One can return for any number of reasons, specially for someone who had gone for a certain period of time,” he said requesting complete anonymity. She may have returned for “family matters or children” but she would not remain in the country for long, he asserted.

Lucky Sherpa -
Her Excellency Lucky Sherpa I Photo:

Commenting on the confusion around Ambassador Sherpa’s future as an ambassador, he mentioned that the foreign ministry of Nepal is not speaking out on the subject because of certain “diplomatic reasons” and that it would make announcements in due course of time.

Several attempts to contact Ambassador Lucky Sherpa were made but without success.

When asked if she has been reinstated in the position following human trafficking allegations, the source who currently holds a senior government position gave a firm and confident answer, “No, no, that’s not the case.” “Sooner or later she would not be in the profession,” he said resonating social media gossips that a decision to terminate her ambassadorship has already been taken but is not being announced for mysterious tactical considerations of the KP Sharma Oli government.

“Whatever I am saying is straight from the horse’s mouth, it’s authentic,” he said assuring that the information was straight from Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Wongchhu Sherpa, the person who accused Mrs Sherpa of taking money from Nepalese citizens against safe passage to Australia, is still in Australia and continues to hold on to his allegations.

The ambassador has categorically denied all allegations of wrongdoing. She claims Wongchhu Sherpa himself is responsible for trafficking offences and that he took money from desperate men and women dreaming life in Australia. She alleges that the former embassy staff made human trafficking allegations only to strengthen his own case so that he could obtain protection visa to stay in the country indefinitely.

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