Missing for 8 days but family still hoping to find Bigul Pandit “safe”

17 January 2019: Family of Bigul Pandit, an international student from Nepal missing in the Murray River since January 9, is still holding out hope of finding him “safe”.

According to Harry Adhikari, search team members were in the river on Wednesday for the eighth consecutive day. Mr Adhikari is the husband of Bigul Pandit’s cousin sister and his local guardian.

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Emergency workers search for Bigul Pandit on January 17 I Photo: Harry Adhikari

The accounting student was playing in the water by the popular Noreuil Park in Albury when he disappeared. He was with four of his recently-befriended mates when he became troubled in the water. His friends reportedly tried to help him out but Mr Pandit vanished into the Murray River right before their eyes.

Mr Pandit is an accounting student at the Charles Sturt University in Albury. Family said he shifted to the university hostel only recently after having shared accommodation with the Adhikaris for nearly one and half years.

His mother lives and works in Israel while his father lives in Nepal.

One of his friends told Mr Adhikari that the cafe employee yelled “I don’t know swimming! I don’t know swimming!” just before he completely disappeared into the Murray River.

He was at the Noreuil Park in Albury to celebrate Baha’i faith when the unfortunate incident took place.

It is understood he met the friends, who he was with at the Noreuil Park on January 9, only two weeks prior to the incident.

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