Impressive increase in visa grants to Nepalese students

30 December 2018: Nepalese students lead their counterparts from India and China in terms of rate of increase in visa grants, a comparison of 2017/18 data with that of the previous financial year reveals.

According to a bi-annual report by Department of Home Affairs, visa grants to Nepalese applicants who were outside Australia when they lodged their student visa applications increased by an impressive 41.2 percent during the last financial year.

Nepalese students
Anjal Ghimire, Samita Mishra, Rojina Sapkota and Jyoti Bista from Australian Catholic University I Photo courtesy: Samita Mishra (Photo for representation only)

With 32.5 percent, Indian students registered the second biggest increase while China was at 3.5 per cent compared with the previous financial year.

A total of 413,327 student visa applications were lodged during the 2017/18. However, the Australian government granted only 378,292 student visas during the same period (1 July 2017 to 30 30 June 2018).

Nepalese students seeking to migrate to Australia for higher studies are doing pretty well in the current financial year as well with 2,231 granted visas (primary and secondary visa applicants both in and outside Australia) last month alone.

The figure represents an increase of 54.5 percent compared with the same month (November) last year when only 1,444 students were granted visas.

Four countries dictate Australia’s education industry – China, India, Nepal or Brazil. On 30 June this year, 50 per cent of student visa holders in Australia were from China, India, Nepal or Brazil.

According to the Department, most sectors experienced an increase in visa grants in the 2017/18 with increases of 18.4 per cent in the VET Sector, 4.4 per cent in the Postgraduate Research Sector and 13.2 per cent in the Higher Education Sector when compared with the previous financial year.

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