Disastrous: Nepal president “congratulates” Indonesian counterpart on tsunami that killed hundreds

27 December 2018: This excruciatingly wrong choice of word couldn’t have occurred at a worse point in time.

A press release by Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Wednesday that President Bidya Devi Bhandari “sent a message of congratulations” to Indonesian President Joko Widodo “on the loss of many lives due to Tsunami in Banten and Lampung”.

It remains to be seen what the congratulatory press release would entail but the wrong choice of word was undoubtedly an unfortunate case of “human error” rather than any lack of knowledge of the English language.

The Ministry has since taken to social media to apologise for the “mistake”.

However, by funny coincidence, the post about “mistake” was again riddled with spelling mistakes – MoFA’s inadvertant versus the correct spelling of inadvertent – just a difference “e” one could argue. But the word cirrected was no doubt purely incorrect.

By the time this article was published, the digital team of the Ministry had corrected the cirrected but they continued to be inadvertently unaware of the inadvertant with an “a”.

The mistakes have unleashed a tsunami of social media complaints from Nepalis both at home and living across the world.

The press release Mr Widodo should not read:

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The press release Mr Widodo should read:

49 thoughts on “Disastrous: Nepal president “congratulates” Indonesian counterpart on tsunami that killed hundreds

  1. Deependra Bhardwaj

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    sometimes it happens mistakely. but it was great mistake of typewriter. and was careless of MOFA. however, we nepalese and our government are feeling sad and conveyed sympathy to indonesien people and government. please take it easily, we feel sorry for that mistake. we pray, Indonesia will raise again with power.

  2. Haha….. That is Nepal.
    Nepal has BEST constitution of the World never seen by Humanity of this Earth, that is what Nepal government say to its citizen. But in reality Nepal has racist, one-elite-ruling-class-constitution where all Indigenous, Madhesi-citizens, Tharu-citizens are divided and discriminated starting from the constitution to favor elite-ruling-class Bahun/Chhetry ethnicity of Nepal only who are about 15% (approximately, I believe) of the total population of Nepal. Constitution of Nepal IMPOSE elite-KHAS-language, IMPOSE elite-Hindu-religion, IMPOSE elite-Brahmin-culture, IMPOSE elite-values to all Indigenous, Madhesi-citizens, Tharu-citizens. Government of Nepal say these IMPOSITION will help Nepal to develop.
    Nepal has killed almost all mother-language, cultures, values of Indigenous, Madhesi and Tharu citizens. ………

        1. In Nepal there is always rumor that only elite-ruling-class who are about 15% in total population are only brilliant and capable for serving Nepal AND all Indigenous, Madhesi, Tharu and minority citizens are not capable for government and semi-government services.
          Check up to today since time of Prithbi Narayan Saha more than 85% of the government, the semi-government employee, police, Army, Traffic, and Diplomata are only come form elite-ruling-class who are only about 15% in total population.
          Now, notice Nepal need some skilled persons.

    1. Bishwa nath pokhrel

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      Can you show us the article or line of the constitution that depicts racism or of single ruling elite class dominance?? If no, then dont spread f**cking rumours to world news..

      1. Indigenous, Madhesi, Tharu citizens are divided by every possible political boundary created by Nepal forever up to today. They have designed every political boundaries such that Indigenous, Madhesi and Minority will not have hold in their birth territory and elite-ruling-class can win election and will be ruled by one elite-class only for ever as Nepal has practiced since 250 years up to today. This is the one example.
        Another example every elite-ruling-class values are IMPOSED by constitution to Indigenous, Madhesi and Tharu and Minority.

      2. Constitution of Nepal knows only Khas-Arya ethnicity (elite-ruling-class) of Nepal who are about 15% of the total population and do NOT recognize Indigenous, Madhesi, Tharu and Minority citizens of Nepal.

      3. Constitution of Nepal IMPOSE elite-Khas-language, they call it Nepali (BUT elite-language not only Nepali, they cheated), starting from constitution as mandatory to kill all mother language of Nepal which Nepal has practiced for 250 years up to today.

        1. @Binod Saymi please do not embarrass yourself , you clearly do not know what you are talking about ,do you? I mean most of what you are stating is utter rubbish; “they imposed the khas language on every other ethnic group”,really? Nepali -derived from Ancient Sanskrit was adopted from the Gopals that inhabited the region long before any other tribe showed up . If you are going to blame the Nepalese government for doing so you should know that any other world power that exist now are not saints either , they even imposed their God on the colonized countries . That is just how the world works , if you can’t accept that or fight for it , you better suck it up and stop being a pussy about it .

          Also if you’re going insult a country on it’s decisions on a international news blog , you’d better go take some English classes ,that way you might actually SEEM to know what you’re talking about.

          1. Haha… That is what elite-ruling-class cheats up to today.
            Can you even define what do mean by so called Nepali-language? May be you want to say elite-KHAS language as Nepali, BUT that is cheating and NOT true.
            Nepal has internal-colonization by elite-ruling-class is TRUE,
            *** The TRUTH is bitter, if Indigenous, Madhesi, Tharu talks their right then it would be insult of Nepal??

    2. What a irrelevant comment! Everywhere inclusive quota is given but they are blaming Brahman and kshetry! How racist are so called indigenous people I have faced in my school and college life

      1. In Nepal there is always rumor that only elite-ruling-class who are about 15% in total population are only brilliant and capable for serving Nepal AND all Indigenous, Madhesi, Tharu and minority citizens are not capable for government and semi-government services.
        Check up to today since time of Prithbi Narayan Saha more than 85% of the government, the semi-government employee, police, Army, Traffic, and Diplomata are only come form elite-ruling-class who are only about 15% in total population.
        Now, notice Nepal need some skilled persons.

  3. Before sending such sensitive message, you need to proof read 10 times and make sure that there are no mistakes. Besides, the letter is very poorly drafted. This shows how bad Nepal’s foreign ministry staffs are. A national disgrace!

  4. This is not acceptable arrows, Not one times it is two two times, really shameful things. Who typing and check for read most be punishment to them and public it. . . .

  5. They should terminate the concerned officers immediately sacked, like ptv officials in pakistan who mistakely wrote begging during live elecast of Imran’s visit to cChina few months back…

  6. These days it often occures text mistakes also due to Auto corrections which should have been revised before releasing official Briefing which was rather carelessness.

    We are glad the people from Indonesia have understood the swnse not taking otherwise 5han minor spelling mistakes or context error.

    I also dont see any needs now exaseratedly to escalate the minor error and carelessness in the Ministry which should not be repeated in future learning how important a minor mistakes in international diplomatic official Releases such failures may be reacted by the people.

    To be honest if we see whats going on in Nepal the lackage and negligences at laws and investigations at the dues at Nirmala Pant this Press Release is not any big issues that the Government of Nepal should and must better fulfill its duties in justifying the case
    under International Human Right.

    Lets hope with the correction of Text, the Government of Nepal will correct the Law & Justice at Normala Pant dues very soon.

    Pravin Raj-Vaidya

  7. I think this is the most comment about Nepal I have ever read. I think it as your worst dream reality is not what u are dreaming of……..zing up now its morning

  8. lack of knowledge on how to constract a sentence….but i know of what he means its different of what he wrote because of wrong instink understanding.they asked apologize already…

  9. Thats why we (Nepali) people don’t want to stay in our own counrty. Because of such people who rule our country. Same for our PM who makes our country joke in front of whole world? who also makes fun of Gurkha and the brave ghorkalai.

  10. its so shameful that they didn’t re-check the text bt doesnot mean neplese are happy for their loss….. we all feel sorry as they also help us at the time of need bt mistake is mistake & hearlty we apologise……. may god give them strength

  11. Corrupted govt, shame on you!! Nepal needs honest govt official. There only 30% or less honest people working now.. rest are all damn corrupted. Or military need to take action this is going too much now. If military wants it they can do within 24 hours. Till public decide who will run the country, those corrupted rapist must be kept behind the bars.

  12. It is the recruiting system based on LOK SEWA which is NEPALI language strong result. For my spouse visa also they have mistaken 2-3 times translation which is a shame.LOK SEWA + high score Tofel / Toeic or related exams should be must for foreign ministry staff.

  13. She is a president regulated by prime minister. Many nepalese are not happy with her every decisions and acts showing by her. She is taking President as her money making job rather than social contribution.

  14. This is bad and sad mistake definitely but it seems there was mistake not in the Rt Hon Prez sending condolence message but in the Press release of this news there was spelling mistake which should not have happened and its not some thing to make BIG NEWS also as human errors have happens everywhere.

  15. Our great Nepal government following different levels of hiring protocols (Written and verbal Assessment) hires the candidate who meets the requirement criterias to the most. No doubt the candidate is deserving, qualified. However, it’s the government and the system that later produces laziest and incompetent full time government employees. Also, nepotism is the other reason, they don’t do ethical hiring. Written assessment somehow chould be fair, whereas Verbal Interview is totally biased. They choose ‘HAMRO’ for ‘RAMRO’. SHAME ON OUR FORM OF GOVERNMENT AND THE LEADERSHIP.

  16. It happens sometime in today’s copy and paste age. Anyone can easily understand its a mistake done by the officials of MoFA. Rather to criticize it and saying bad things, I request all of us to learn from it and do no repetition in future. I see no wisdom on saying wrong words than apologize on behalf of all Nepalese people To honorable president of Indonesia and its people. Sorry for our silly mistake in such a painful situation.

  17. There is no other way to write by nepalese fucking president. What will the other country write for? Nepalese president, prime minister and every leaders do not have time to rob the country’s treasure. Wherever the negligence of the Government of Nepal is. it’s definitely bigger proof Uncompetent Nepal government.

  18. I am sure that if the original message had been written in Nepali, the proper words would have been employed. And “congratulations” is not very far from “condolences” so it could reasonably be expected that a spellcheck error occurred.

    As a videshi who spends time in Nepal, I have always been thankful for the unfailing patience of so many Nepali persons who help me with my halting and ungrammatical Nepali bhasa. I am sure the Indonesians, for whom English is also not their native language, understood the sentiment.

  19. Sincere apology for that inadvertant mistake. This has been corrected and corrected version is being transmitted shortly.
    – MOFA of Nepal
    Government already cleared about this matter.

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