Embassy of Nepal in news again, owes over $2000 to ACT government in parking fines

Embassy of Nepal18 December 2018: A report by Canberra Times has put the Embassy of Nepal back in news. But it is not “trafficking” news this time but does relate to “traffic” though.

The report by Fairfax Media journalist Steve Evans shows that the Nepalese embassy owes $2,074 in parking fines accumulated over the years. The figure represents 15 offences committed by unknown staff members of the Nepalese mission.

Unlike the leniency they enjoy in many other ways and areas, diplomats are not entirely immune from traffic or parking rules. Repeated offences may lead to suspension of their licences or in case of serious offences, “could lead to a request for the individual’s withdrawal from Australia”, the report published today warned.

Nepal is not the only South Asian embassy to feature in “the list of shame”. With $3,119 in fines, Afghanistan turned out to be the naughtiest among South Asian embassies while India owes $1,186 from 10 offences.

According to the report, Russians apparently are the worst parkers owing $22,761 from 173 outstanding parking fines at the last count. Egyptians reportedly come second with “$12,609 for 107 infringements”.

Diplomats owe more than $135,000 in total in parking fines, the report claimed citing the ACT government.

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