Forty kind-hearted Australians scammed over $480,000 by a Nepalese orphanage: report

17 December 2018: Forty Australians have reportedly been scammed over $480,000 by a Nepalese NGO that ran an “orphanage” supported entirely by benevolent donors from down under.

The alleged perpetrators not only deceived the unsuspecting Australians by faking an entire humanitarian operation but they even robbed gifts from the children, a news report revealed today.

Citing Australian donors who got duped by the scammers, the news report claimed that the children in the Malai Na Birisu Bal Griha were not orphans at all. They were children born to poor parents in far-flung areas – illiterate parents who were tricked by human traffickers to give away their children in the hope of better education and perhaps, better life. These human traffickers were allegedly catering to the NGO that ran the Malai Na Birisu Bal Griha orphanage, it is understood.

“The Nepalese charity responsible had also deceived Australian charity Forget Me Not into supporting the cause by falsely claiming the kids had lost both of their parents. The Nepalese charity even falsified the parents’ death certificates to show to the Australian operation these were legitimate orphans,” report said.

So thorough was the Malai Na Birisu Bal Griha in its enterprise of deception that it apparently coerced children from expressing the truth about their families.

The true and horrible story behind the fake orphanage operation surfaced when its Australian partner, Forget Me Not, hired an American lady in 2009. The American could apparently speak Nepalese language enabling her to win trust of the trafficked girls. It was through her “detective work” that eventually “led to a horrifying conclusion”.

After the scam was discovered, Forget Me Not Australia worked hard to reconnect girls at Malai Na Birisu Bal Griha with their families. “We aim to give each child the opportunity to be their best. We fund and manage the operation of Shakti Ghar, a transit home for children rescued from exploitative orphanages in Nepal,” reads the about page of the humanitarian organisation’s Facebook account.

The scamming Nepalese orphanage is no longer in operation although it is still registered with the Nepalese government, said.

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