Ambassador Lucky Sherpa flying back to Nepal to face and “clear media havoc”

Lucky Sherpa

7 December 2018: Ambassador Lucky Sherpa is flying back to Kathmandu soon amid a fast-escalating crisis at the Embassy of Nepal in Canberra.

The embattled envoy told on Friday that she “requested” Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for an opportunity to “clear the media havoc” upon which its secretary gave her “approval” to return to Kathmandu immediately.

The schedule of her departure has been withheld at Ambassador Sherpa’s request.

“The media havoc” the ambassador was referring to was unleashed by allegations of human trafficking against her. She has been embattled since November 29 when her former domestic help cum driver appeared on a live broadcast of a Nepali television. Wongchhu Sherpa claims he has proof of human trafficking against the ambassador and her husband.

The recently approached both Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Department of Home Affairs to verify and clarify some of the claims made by Wongchhu Sherpa but they failed to comment due to standard policy practice and consideration of privacy laws. “The Department of Home Affairs does not comment on individual cases due to privacy legislation,” a spokesperson from the Department of Home Affairs said.

The envoy, who has been in the country for roughly a year and half, claims she is innocent and is being framed by Mr Sherpa.

The Australian Nepali diaspora has clearly been shaken by the allegations with social media overtaken by the scandal.

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