Restrained Lucky, media-savvy Wongchhu and divided Australian Nepalis

6 December 2018: With both parties claiming evidence of their innocence would “come out in due course of time”, the Embassy of Nepal imbroglio is getting dirtier by the hour.

Wongchhu Sherpa, the current centre of attention of the Australian Nepali diaspora, is busy aggressively marketing his yet-to-be-sighted further evidence of what is essentially a human trafficking allegations against Nepal’s Ambassador to Australia, Lucky Sherpa.

The approached both Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Department of Home Affairs to verify and clarify some of the claims made by Wongchhu Sherpa but they failed to comment due to standard policy practice and consideration of privacy laws. “The Department of Home Affairs does not comment on individual cases due to privacy legislation,” a spokesperson from the Department of Home Affairs said.

The envoy, who has been in the country for roughly a year and half, claims she is innocent and is being framed by Mr Sherpa. Her office had released a press release a day after the allegations were made on November 29 on a live television programme from Nepal. The allegations made against the ambassador and her family were untrue, it said, adding that Wongchhu Sherpa had actually been on the run after he made away with valuables from the embassy resident.

Mr Sherpa vehemently denies allegations of the nature arguing why the Australian Federal Police would provide him “protection” if he had committed any crime.

The latter has been talking to a number of small and big media outlets both in Australia and back in Nepal wherein he has been repeating more or less the same materials.

So far, as proof, he has produced a handwritten document which he says is a proof of his financial dealing with the ambassador’s husband, as well as a recorded telephone conversation and some Facebook Messenger chats.

Question has been raised as to why the contract would be signed by only Wongchhu Sherpa and not the envoy’s husband if a transaction had actually taken place.

Speaking to on November 5, Wongchhu Sherpa requested not to put pressure on him by seeking any more evidence as everything would be clear in “due course of time”.

During the conversation, he said he had to take action as his wife was framed and jailed (in Nepal). He repeatedly commented everything will become clearer in near future.

The ambassador on the hand has not been as vocal as the accuser. In a recent conversation with, she mentioned she had to be more “careful” in what she says due to her position as an envoy.

As things currently stand, overwhelming majority of Australian Nepalis appear to believe that there must be certain degree of truth in the allegations while some others are calling for forensic examination of the evidence produced by Wongchhu Sherpa.

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