Airbus confirms A330s were not sold to Nepal Airlines

(This news article has been updated)

By Ram Khatry, Canowindra
30 November 2018

Airbus has dodged a direct question on the disputed ownership of two A330s currently operated by Nepal Airlines.

Head of Global News at Airbus, Justin Dubon, told that the widebody planes in question were “assembled” with Hi Fly as the would-be owner, not Nepal Airlines Corporation.

Unlike cars, an aircraft is assembled only when it has a legal buyer or owner, Mr Dubon said on Friday in an emailed response to’s query on what is turning out to be yet another darling scandal of Nepalese media.

“Airbus does not assemble an aircraft in the hope to find a buyer in a showroom, ” he said.

Nepal Airlines
Photo Courtesy: Airbus

In a country where investigations seldom produce results, a parliamentary inquiry into the procurement process of the two A330s is yet to convince Nepalese people as to who owns the aircraft. The controversy has been fueled further as Hi Fly’s website mentions the same A330s (MSN1872 and MSN1878) as part of its fleet.

A screenshot from Hi Fly website on 30 November 2018 which has since been updated not to show the two planes

Mr Dubon conceded that “the delivery of the aircraft was to its legal owners – in this case Hi Fly” and “Whatever transactions happened after the legal transfer from Airbus to Hi fly – is a matter for Hi Fly and the airline.”

NAC may have been in direct contact with Airbus regarding the aircraft customisation and livery, but in contractual terms, the aircraft were the property of Hi Fly when delivered by Airbus, the communications head of the aerospace pioneer clarified.

Hi Fly was contacted by for comments on the ownership of the two planes but it had not heard back from “the wet lease specialist” at the time this story was posted.

The A330 has won over 1,700 orders from 119 customers worldwide, Airbus maintains.


Hi Fly has updated its website, following this report by and its query to the Portugese company, which now shows its fleet without the two planes in question: A330s (MSN1872 and MSN1878).

The ownership of the planes was questioned when a report by journalist Akhanda Bhandari from a major Nepalese daily, Annapurna Post, highlighted Hi Fly’s website that showed the two aircraft as part of its fleet.

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  1. Mafia Mafia every where that never wants a stable and competent administration any where because of their vested interests.The Real Mafia ended up long time back from Italy but the trend has been spreaded all over this world where vested Interests has strongly planted their sapling in the each and every weak government where corruptions are very much killing the countries. This is an example of Mafia trend being observed in Nepal as well as concerning the purchase or lease of two wide body Aircrafts. The ongoing rivalaries between the business agents because of their dissatisfaction against each other works has certainly affected the whole system in this side today. The need is to clean all dirty termites sucking each and every single country.

  2. राजेन्द्र रेग्मी

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    हैन येति यो साचो हो भने नेपाल सरकार , नेपाल एयर लाइन्स को सिओ सुहाग रत्न कसाकार र रबिन्द्र अधिकारी लाई सर्वस्स हरन सहित किन जेल हाल्दैन

  3. Madhu Sd Lamichhane

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    कुरा ठिकै त् हो नि , नेपाल एएरलाइन्सले एएरबस संग किनेको नै हैन त उसले कसरि बेच्नु ?
    कुरा घुमाएर गन्जागोल बनाउनु भन्दा नेपाल आइसकेको जहाजलाइ कसरि बजार प्रबर्दन गर्ने अनि कसरि घाटामा रहेको एएरलाइन्सले ले नया जहाज को बढी भन्दा बढी प्रयोग र बजारीकरण गरेर नाफा कमाउने भन्ने तिर ध्यान दिनु पर्छ .

  4. Please update the topic because it sends another wrong message without any concrete evidence. Also, could you attach the links of your sources. It would be easier for our research as well.

  5. Biggest fraud in Nepali history. unbeleiavable ! but its trure as per evidence provided by Dipendra Kandel and i also saw so many news. should be punished whoever get involved.

  6. An investigative sub-committee in the Nepali Federal Parliament adopted a report blaming Civil Aviation Minister Rabindra Adhikari, Nepal Airlines (RA, Kathmandu) Managing Director Sugat Ratna Kansakar, and a number of other officials for financial mismanagement during the acquisition of two A330-200s for the flag carrier, PTI newswire has reported.

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