(Ex) King Gyanendra Shah doing great after angioplasty, Paras Shah visits dad

Gyanendra Shah
Last press conference as a royal: Former King Gyanendra Shah speaking at a press conference before leaving the Narayanhiti Palace in 2008

19 July 2017: Gyanendra Shah’s personal secretary Sagar Timalsina says the last king of Shah Dynasty is doing great despite an angioplasty which he underwent today at a Kathmandu hospital.

Speaking to southasia.com.au over telephone, Mr Timalsina assured that the last monarch of the Shah Dynasty is in great shape and has seen his family members including his only son, ex crown prince Paras Shah.

Mr Timalsina said the former king was taken to Norvic Hospital this morning for a regular check-up.

This comes in contrast with some Kathmandu media outlets that reported that Mr Shah was admitted at the hospital following complications. The “normal” process was followed by an angioplasty when his blood vessels were found to be blocked, it is understood.

Norvic is a privately-run hospital in the Nepalese capital frequented by the rich and powerful.

It is the same hospital where an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator was installed in the heart of Paras Shah in 2015.

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